I am a watercolour painter, living and working in St Leonards on Sea, near the award winning Hastings pier.

My work explores the fragility and instability of our, seemingly, certain reality.  By examining the space that exists between memory and experience, I seek to question perception with forms that teeter on the edge of recognition and alienation.

I work slowly, building layers and texture with translucent paint, using tissue, to disturb the surface of the paper or canvas, thereby creating the unexpected.

Recent series have included Tread Softly, Figures and Family.  Tread Softly is a series of large works in watercolour on canvas, which explore the concept of hope through the lens of time.  Figures is a series of small works exploring colour and shadowy form.  Family offers the viewer an opportunity to reflect on their own narrative through the ghost-like, images of family.

These works occupy the liminal space where realities meet, meanings shift, past and present fuse.

I have recently completed an MA in Fine Art and I post work-in-progress regularly on Instagram, at  susanmillerart.